First Lunch: Mos Burger

So I went to Mos Burger and ordered a Double Mos Cheeseburger set with a large fries and medium drink (860 yen). This is what it looks like (Dodekamin can for scale):

If you’ve ever heard that Japan has small portions…there you have it. 😉

The Double Mos Cheeseburger was quite good and juicy; it consists of a bun, two patties, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, onion, and meat sauce. The meat sauce and onions sort of bring to mind a sloppy joe and are almost as messy. The fries are your standard fast food fries, sort of thick, super-light on the salt. The melon soda is how you’d expect melon soda to taste, if you’ve had it before — but not too fizzy like the ones you get in bottles (or like Coke products back home). ◆

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  1. I rather like the small portions that seem to be prevelant in Asian countries (and probably the rest of the world). As opposed to here in America where small is like 24 oz, but then again, \America/

  2. Smaller food portions are cool, but smaller drinks aren’t. & no free refills? Sounds tough.

    & Coke products are the right amount of fizzy, I’ll have you know.

  3. I remember reading somewhere one of the CLAMP artists swears by the MOS burgers. Like the fish ones and the chicken ones apparently are mainstays during their drawing work.

  4. I like how it’s become a food in JP blog, haha.
    Still, I can see what they mean about portions when that’s considered to be a “large” fry.