First Breakfast: St. Marc Café

After walking down the local shopping center and finding everything closed (most places in Japan open at 10, see), I took a look at what was open for breakfast, and found the Keikyu Gumyoji Stationfront store of St. Marc Café, a chain of bakery-cafés that specialize in chocolate croissants. Pictured from left to right, their normal Choco-Cro (170 yen), their Andes Salt Daifuku Choco-Cro (180 yen), and an M-size iced “premium” cocoa (390 yen, and amusingly, the largest size they offer for that drink).

The croissants were quite good, and had a really nice flake to them; the chocolate was quite rich in both of them. I didn’t quite catch the subtleties of the daifuku one (if they exist), but it was also good. The premium cocoa is a darker chocolate than what I’m used to in chocolate milk from America (great!), but I didn’t think it was worth the 390 yen price.

In any case, it’s certainly a good meal to wake up to. (And it’s definitely a healthier pick than the other close alternative that’s open at 7 — Mos Burger. I’m saving that for lunch.) ◆

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