Just Desserts

Carvin' out a tunnel through the ice cream mountain.

It all started out innocuously: a trip to a restaurant two days before Christmas garnered the attendance of a good amount of people, and merriment was had. What happened afterward, shook the hearts of many a Japanese student: I and two others introduced the hosts to the idea of a second stomach for dessert. (Image-heavy post ahead!) 

The place: Sotetsu Joinus’ Le Café Okura.

The dish: tall ice cream parfaits, like so:

From the top.

It’s tall enough it needs a long spoon, like so —

Can't lose the spoon for this one.

— but comparing it to a parfait in America, I’d say it’s actually probably roughly equivalent…it’s just in a slimmer form factor. It’s like taking a highball glass, stretching it two, maybe two and a half times its height, and filling it with ice cream. And it hit the spot right after a not-so-filling okonomiyaki meal.

There are five types of parfaits, all served in this glass for ¥980. The above is the berry one; my two comrades got matcha-and-something-I-forgot-I-think-it-was-caramel?, which looked even more exquisite:

The stuff on top is spun sugar, by the way -- a denser cotton candy.

Half-size portions are available for about 700 yen and are not as awesome. J.B., if you happen to be reading: I’m totally taking you here when you visit. ◆

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