Hamakko Doushi: The Water: The Musing: The Blog Post

Out of all the “Yokohama goods” that seemingly exist, I’ve only come across one consumable — a brand of water labelled “Hamakko Doushi The Water“. Hamakko refers to Yokohama natives; doushi refers to Doushi Forest (道志の森) — a forest in neighboring Yamanashi prefecture from which the water’s supposedly sourced — but also can be a reference to the word doushi (同士) meaning fellow. Not quite sure how to compare the taste of this water with everything else I’ve had (I mean, come on, it’s water), but I thought it sort of interesting.

Also interesting is the fact that on the way to the station, nearly every vending machine carries this as their sole water option at 120 yen (~$1.50) a bottle, save for one that mysteriously sells it for 130 yen. Well, since a part of the proceeds go to “support volunteer forest preservation activities as well as African nations”, I guess there’s an option to donate just a bit more. ◆

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